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An Evening with the Washer Woman

Come experience the healing journey of the Washer Women from ancient Scottish lore
Whether called the Washer Woman, Bean Nighe or “The Washer at the Ford,” she is rich with the old stories rooted in both Scottish and Irish Faery Traditions. Sometimes, she is encountered as one woman and sometimes more. Either way, she holds in her hands ancient healing wisdom and spirit medicine to wash away negative energies.
We will begin with storytelling and discussion about this ancient one, The Bean Nighe. We will learn about their potent powers and how we can connect with their energies in our healing journey. The Washer Woman, steeped in traditions of the old ways, was known for changing between her role as Washer of Souls to an Omen of Death and back again. But she also helped those who approached with a good heart and respectful spirit.
In this hands-on ceremony, Melissa will guide you through story telling, journaling and/or intuitive soul coloring (no prior art experience required, just your open heart) and into the cleansing ritual.
Together, we will create sacred space and participate in the Ritual of the Washer. The healing intention for this ceremony is to clear any blocks or old patterns from your heart and throat chakras, opening and elevating those vital energy centers of your being. This brings powerful shifts, releasing that which no longer serves and inviting alignment with original soul essence and your highest potential. During the sacred ceremony, you will be guided to apply hand-blended yogurt and honey masks to your neck and upper chest (throat chakra & heart chakra). Together, we will chant the sacred songs as we will let go old patterns, fears and wounds, cleansing our soul to embrace the healing balm of forgiveness and renewing waters.
Please bring with you: A loose neck T-shirt or tank top that can get damp/messy, a towel, a wash cloth, a small bowl, and your journal and pen (some bowls and wash clothes will be provided for the ceremony if you do not have one)

  • Folklore surrounding bean nigh

  • Guided meditation to meet been nigh

  • journaling/soul coloring

  • Cleansing ceremony

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