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I love working with businesses big and small. I work within all price points and am really good at finding creative financing so even the smallest business can afford beautiful art and design. I love working on souvenir products.


I Enjoy working with publishers of all sizes and subject matters.

  • Book Covers
  • Spot Illustration
  • Magazine Illustration
  • Cd Covers
  • Posters
  • Coloring Books
  • How to draw books
  • Licensing

Design to go!

Let me help create your logo or package design for your small to mid-sized business.  Packaging designs will sell your more of your product. Whether you are selling beer of wine, herbal products, soap or more.  Melissa will help make your product visually irresistible. Looking to make Souvenirs  products  that move? From tea towels to coloring books I can make your dreams come true.

"Working with Melissa for my shop's logo was such a great experience from the start to completion. She definitely captured my vision for the logo. I highly recommend her."   -Winifred from Awentree

  • Logo Design
  • Packaging
  • Souvenir Design
  • Tee Shirt Design
  • Posters
  • CD covers
  • Coloring Books
  • Swag for your band
  • And much much more



A map is a great tool to implement awareness and visibility of an areas offerings.  Whether coordinating inter-business cooperation of a street or organizing a restaurant or beer crawl a map is an amazing tool to use. Need a hand out for your corn maze of haunted history tour? I would love to take that image to the next level. Best part, the map will pay for itself once you sell it on tote bags and other swag items. Maps are also a great way to get some news coverage for your event!

  • Area Maps
  • Interior maps
  • Street Maps
  • Haunted History Maps
  • Corn Maze Maps
  • Pub Crawl Maps
  • Souvenir Maps
cottage street mapsmall.jpg

Murals and Decoration

Looking for an Instagram-able Mural?

           Whether the spat is indoors or out doors I can create interactive                         murals that people love to share.

Looking for murals to create a fun atmosphere for your business?

           I would love to help you create the fun space of your dreams! Good                     wall  art that your customers will rave about. We can even create                       something that glows in the dark or shifts with light.

Looking for paintings to hang in your restaurant or business?

           I can create the art for your space exactly how you dreamed with no                 compromise.

Looking for a portrait of your Founder?

           I am  highly skilled portrait painter

Is there a project I can help you out with?
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