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Melissa specialize in one of a kind fantasy portraits of children and adults. Would you like a painting of your children as fairies? Would you like to portrayed with your spirit animal? 


"I love Melissa's work and commissioned a portrait of my daughter from her a few years ago. I had a few constraints in mind that I knew she could handle--Celtic design, animal totems, colors, and flowers. Melissa worked with me to flesh out the design, showing me mockups and asking questions along the way. The portrait shows my daughter's spirit in so many ways. Melissa is a highly intuitive and skilled artist and I would love to commission more work from her over the next few years"

Kismet Al-Hussaini


Are you looking to create your dream nursery?

Are creating fantasy bedroom for your child?

Are you a creating an Epic Game room for teens or adults?

Let me help you.

Whether you live in a house or apartment, you can have a mural. I create both permanent and installed murals that transform your space.



Everyone can draw. Whether you want to learn or paint or are looking to improve your abilities, my individually tailored classes are for you. I work with high schoolers to prepare college portfolios, home schoolers for fun projects and adults looking to improve thier skills.  I teach on-line, in person and in groups. 

  • Drawing
  • Oil painting
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Egg tempera
  • Gauche Painting
  • Portfolio Prep
  • Composition
  • Technical Drawing
  • Puppetry
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