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Oracle of the Seer

Are you seeking an oracle that deepens your connection to your Spirit Allies, Sacred Source, Ancestors and Unseen Realms? 
Are you ready to work with an oracle that will enhance your intuition and expand your transformational journey? 
The Oracle of the Seer is an exciting new deck in the creation process by Melissa Pandina and Winifred Costello.The seers oracle is a multifaceted new deck with 3 different ways to read it.  It has a deck of cards and a throwing cloth.  Join us over in the Oracle of the Seer Tribe, a community of kindred souls. There you can follow our journey to birth this magickal deck, plus get inspirational affirmations and our best tips for working with oracle decks.
The Oracle of the Seer is a visionary deck designed for Healers, Seers, Witches and Magickal Practitioners in mind.

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