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Puppets: Art brought to life

Puppets bring the viewer into the painting. Instead of being stationary they sway and grow and shrink. They interact with the viewer and thus the viewer becomes part of the art. I look at traditional characters from folk lore and bring them to life. Some of my puppets are simply recreations of traditional puppets found in Europe. Others are Original re-imaginings of folkloric characters. 



The Tomte is a Scandinavian Land spirit. He is the combination of the Genus Loci and soul of the first farmer to clear and work a patch of land. When happy he helps with the welfare of all who lives on the land, but it you fail to give him his due, he will cause mayhem.
He is wearable 4 feet tall puppet.


"If ye the hooded horse do feed throughout the year ye shall not need"
Whether you call her the Mari Lwyd, ‘oodening horse or the ‘oby ‘orse, she lurks at the edges of our wintery imagination. She is a horse skull that is paraded from home to home during Yule chasing out ill luck and giving children a fun fright. Drinks and food are given to her attendants to ensure good luck and fertility of the land for the coming year

Mari LLwyd and Bwyca llwd

Mandrake is a power herb. Traditionally harvested with a dog, because its scream was considered deadly. It was treasured because it looks like a man. Here is a the personification of the herb.
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