I create murals of any size. Whether its indoor, outdoor, on a wall or on a floor; Whether its a community-organizing event or a less involved projest, for home, community or corporate; No matter how big or how small the project , I can do it. 

community Engaged Murals

Community Engaged Murals are a way for the community to come together to help design and paint a  professionally held mural.  I was trained in this technique at Commonwealth Mural Institute. The process is typically broken down into 3 phases: the design phase,  the paint party phase and the studio painting and installation phase.

Phase 1: Design Phase

I meet with your organization and through activities, we generate a lot of content that is then worked into the mural design. This process is great for adults and children alike. Everyone gets to contribute. Everyone is heard.  I take all this information back to my studio and design your one-of-a-kind mural. I then meet with the organizations principles for approval and edits.

Phase 2 : Paint Parties

Next is your community's turn to paint.  You come to the paint party to find a giant paint by number. I've had children as young as 3 or as old as 99 be very successful in this process. The community paints for about 2 hours and can finish about 20 panels (500 square feet)

Phase 3: In-studio and installation

The panels are taken back to studio for final touches.  Once completed, they are installed on the wall and sealed. The final product is a durable professional quality mural

Adrian Ford Fitchburg Mural

Gerena Mural Springfield Ma

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gerena detail 4.jpg
gerena detail2.jpg

Matherson Appartments

Nini's Restaurant

Tackle Box Brewery

Public Works Murals